Scholarships in general require a great deal of work on your part. It is, in many ways, a seek, find, and work effort. Below are several places to go to begin that process:

  1. Fastweb.com is a major source of scholarships, but it will overload your email and require time to weed through. If you’d like to sign up for this one, I think that’s a good idea, you’ll also want to set up a separate email account so that you can better manage that task on your own time without being bombarded with their daily mail.
  1. Going Merry is a new version for scholarship searches that has become widely popular. You can create a profile, but also store your information, most-commonly answered essay questions, etc., and apply for things at this one-stop shop.
  1. Okcollegestart.org is a wonderful resource for scholarships, particularly in Oklahoma. If you go to their website, click on financial aid, and then set up a profile. That will match your specifics to any available scholarships.
  1. Some things still come through the counseling office, and I will post any and all that do below:

Due in October:

Cooke College Scholarship--Deadline 10/30

VFW-deadline 10/31/20

Coke Scholars--Deadline 10/31

Due in November:

Elks Foundation-deadline 11/15/20

Hagan Scholarship--Need based. Deadline 5pm 11/15/20

Due in February:

ESA Foundation Scholarships-- Deadline 11pm 2/1/2021

Darryl Fisher Creative Writing Contest--Due 2/5/21

Due in April:

Wauhillau Austin Gale Memorial Scholarship-- PHS students only!! Apply!!

Due 4/1/2021