-Homecoming this year is Friday, October 9th. There is no school on that day.

The parade will be at 1:30 that afternoon. This year’s homecoming theme is

“Season of the Dragon”. Float building dates and times TBD.

Senior Night:

-Monday,September 28th 6:00 pm, with Kirk Rushing. See Mrs. Feroli for

details. Seniors and senior parents are welcome.

Purcell High School ACT Test:

(No Test scheduled for this fall)

Senior pictures:

-Senior picture day this year is Tuesday, October 6th(Boys) and

Monday, October 12th(Girls). All seniors must take their SENIOR PICTURES on the senior camera to be included on the panel either that day, or the day of picture retakes (date TBA…usually in November). You will need to bring $15 with you for the trip (sitting fee…lunch provided). If you have any questions, please see Mrs. Trumbo for more details. MAKE SURE TO BRING YOUR MASK!!!!!!

-Any senior who attends the field trip to the studio on these two dates for

senior pictures MUST BE ELIGIBLE in order to go…otherwise, you must make

your own arrangements to have your picture taken OR wait until the day of

picture retakes (held here at school) to have them taken. If you are on the

probation list, you must have a PASSING GRADE in the class you were on

probation for at the time of the trip in order to go.


-Caps and gowns will be ordered on Wednesday, October 28that the high

school.Representatives will be here on Wednesday, October 21stto bring the

order forms. Students must pay in full or make payment arrangements for their

orders on the October 28th ordering date.

-Estimates of prices:

  • cap/gown/tassle package ≈ $35-$40
  • announcements ≈ $1 each
  • namecards ≈ $20 per package (100 in each package)

Senior Budget:

-This year’s senior class has a carryover from last year of about $4,600. This will

be used for things such as homecoming supplies/materials, senior T-shirts,

senior assembly items (like roses), graduation stuff, as well as any senior picnic

or party at the end of the year (if money is available).

-Senior panel copies and 2021 yearbooks will NOT be available until after the

next school year begins. Watch the marquee or newspaper for details.

-There will NOT be a school-sponsored senior trip!

Senior College Days:

-All PHS seniors are allowed ONE exempted college day this year.

-This can be taken all in one day or two half-days.

-Seniors MUST notify Mrs.Feroli or Mr. Sanders at least 2 DAYS beforehand.

Rotary Club Sign-up:

-There is a sign-up sheet for Rotary. (See Mrs. Findley for details)


-This year’s prom will be on Saturday, April 10that the Grand Canadian Theatre.

See Mrs. Swift or Ms. Matthews for more details.

Graduation/Senior Assembly:

-Senior Assembly is Wednesday, May 12th (afternoon) in H.S. gym

-Graduation practice & Senior Walk-Thru is Thursday, May 13th (morning)

in the H.S. gym (breakfast may be provided)

-Graduation is Friday night, May 14th (7:30 - 9:00) in the H.S. gym.

-Seniors who cannot participate in either of these events are those who:

  1. do not complete graduation requirements* prior to those dates
  2. still owe dues (see Mr. O’Neal)
  3. have not completed and turned in their senior check-out sheets

(*Seniors 2021 may still participate in both senior assembly and graduation if they are

within ½ credit of meeting requirements AND show proof of enrollment to complete

this ½ credit.)