David Hilger

David Hilger , 11 days ago

Purcell Virtual School Agreement - PAVE - Spanish Version -

David Hilger

David Hilger , 17 days ago

Links to Purcell's Virtual School option (PAVE) - English - & Spanish -

Carol Testa

Carol Testa , 2 months ago

Congratulations to PHS Seniors Alicia Baker and Gavin Nation! Alicia won the Jack Angel Award for the female athlete of the year at PHS and Gavin won the Boney Matthews Award for the male athlete of the year. Requirements for the award are the students-athletes must be Seniors and participate in at least 2 sports and are voted on by all of the District’s Coaches. Congratulations to Alicia and Gavin!

Jerry Swayze

Jerry Swayze , 6 months ago

Purcell Schools will be closed Thursday, February 6th due to continued precipitation into the evening hours, and refreezing that will occur on wet roads overnight.

Sheli McAdoo

Sheli McAdoo , 11 months ago

No school for students on Monday, September 30th! Teachers will be in professional development. #wearetheleadlearners #GoDragons

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