FAQ's for Back to School


Purcell Public Schools is committed to providing information as quickly and accurately as possible during the rapidly changing situations created by the COVID-19 Pandemic.  You can access our full plan here.  The FAQs below address common questions.

Will Purcell PS start school on August 13th?

Yes, school will start as regularly scheduled if conditions remain favorable for McClain County for the District to do so.  Purcell PS is following the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) Oklahoma School Safety Protocols.  

Why are some school districts delaying their start dates or only delivering instruction virtually to students?

Every county is experiencing a different level of community spread of COVD-19. Districts can monitor this data to make decisions based on their particular areas and circumstances.  The guidance that we have been provided by OSDE, it is indicated (at this time) for Purcell PS to have in person instruction, however this may change if circumstances change with community spread.  We monitor the Oklahoma State Department of Health COVID-19 Risk Assessment information to determine McClain County’s risk level.  Information is updated at 11 AM each Friday on the website.  The changing risk level of McClain County will impact how instruction is delivered- whether in person, rotating A/B schedule or fully distance learning.  This is an ever evolving situation and changes will be communicated as quickly as possible.

Who will be required to wear protective face masks or coverings?

At this time, protective face masks are mandated for all students and staff.  Thank you to everyone who has been visiting campuses or attending events and wearing your face covering!  Oklahoma State Department of Health and Center for Disease Control are advising that masks are critical to stop the spread of COVID-19.  Committing to mask in our community can assist in keeping risk levels in a range that allows us hold in person instruction.  Transport on buses or school vehicles require all students and staff to wear masks.

What if my student cannot wear a mask?

Provisions will be made for students who cannot wear a traditional mask.  Clear face shields can serve as an alternative.  Please work with your building principal 

if your student requires special provisions.

Will the district provide masks for students?

Yes, the district will provide each student with one gaiter and two reusable 

masks.  We encourage parents to purchase face coverings for their students as part of their back to school shopping.  Finding a mask that the student likes and feels comfortable wearing is key to successfully navigating this new normal to keep the student and others safe.

What if my student tests positive for COVID-19?

The CDC provides guidance for those infected with COVID-19 who may or may not be experiencing symptoms.  The general guidance is to place the person in isolation and monitor symptoms.  After 10 days from the date of a positive COVID-19 test, fever free for 24 hours (without fever reducing medication), and greatly reduced symptoms.

What if my student is around someone who tests positive or is suspected of having COVID-19?

Anyone who has had close contact with someone with COVID-19 should stay home for 14 days after their last exposure to that person. However, anyone who has had close contact with someone with COVID-19 and who:

  • developed COVID-19 illness within the previous 3 months and

  • has recovered and 

  • remains without COVID-19 symptoms (for example, cough, shortness breath)

does not need to stay home.

Will visitors on campus be limited?

Yes, at this time OSDE guidance recommends that visitors be limited to campus.  We will provide opportunities for parents to meet their child’s teacher and interact safely.

Do I have to take my child’s temperature each day and answer the health survey?

Yes, we are asking parents to complete the health assessment each day at                                                     home for each student who lives in the home.  You will not turn this in, but must be kept in the event your child is involved in a contact tracing investigation.

Is there a virtual option for students?

Yes, Purcell Public School has a virtual option for students.  Virtual students will go through orientation the first week of school, receive a device/hotspot if needed and receive information for accessing instruction. It is our hope that students in the district will continue to rely on us for their educational needs.  Once a Dragon, Always a Dragon.